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Tesla to Add a Fun Feature for Surprise Adventures

It looks like a fun new feature may be on its way in an upcoming software update, courtesy of Twitter.  A recent Twitter interaction between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and another user seems to indicate that Tesla is planning on adding navigation buttons which will suggest travel destinations to owners through their in-car navigation system. 

Tesla to Suggest Travel Destinations

As often seems to happen these days, this news comes from Twitter.  On Tuesday, Twitter user @kvlly tweeted Musk with a suggestion.  A couple of hours later, Musk responded.

Shortly afterward, Musk followed up his initial response with a little more information.

For those not up on their emoji lingo, those little pictures are “Lucky” and “Hungry”.  So we may expect to see an “I’m feeling lucky” button which would send owners to a destination popular with other Tesla users.  The “I’m feeling hungry” button would send owners to popular local restaurants. 

When might we expect to see these buttons show up on our navigation screens?  During the “next software release”, whenever that is.

Bring on the Road Trips

According to the data, Tesla owners are taking longer drives than ever before because of entertainment, safety, and charging upgrades. 

The updated Supercharger network means that owners can travel further with less money being dumped into a gas tank.  And since some people are eligible for unlimited free Supercharging or have free Supercharging credits, the expenses for fueling are practically null.  That money instead can go into fun activities or good food, encouraging even more travel.

The entertainment upgrades certainly help as well.  There is already a slew of fun games available to play in your Tesla, including a barrage of titles from Atari, and Bethesda games such as Fallout 3 and Fallout Shelter are on their way.  Musk has also said that streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix will soon be available through the car’s built-in web browser.  And if Tesla gets around to developing an app store for third-party apps, the entertainment options will only explode from there.

Data Collection

Obviously, none of this would be possible without Tesla collecting data on its drivers and driving practices.  That is the only way they would be able to suggest destinations which are popular with other Tesla owners, after all.  Tesla is also likely doing the same with Autopilot data, in order to teach the artificial intelligence how to drive better.  By micro-mapping every lane on every road, the Autopilot would be able to “learn” which are the best paths to adhere to.

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