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Tesla Updated Referral Program to Award Semi Truck Test Drives

Tesla’s referral program was supposed to end on January 31st but they have once again extended it. This time for 3 months. Most of the perks are the same but they have added a new twist. First, the next referral that you get on your account will let you and the new buyer collect a $500 Tesla credit. But the biggest perk is a chance to race a Tesla Semi Truck at their race track in California if you cross 20 referrals by the end of April. There will also be a picking a winner every week for those who sign up their friends to a Tesla newsletter using the same code.

By the way, my code is – use it to get yourself on the Tesla newsletter list and we can both have a chance to have this experience.

I am surprised that Tesla has extended the free supercharging deal once again as there are more than 250,000 Teslas on the road that have that included with their service while a lot of Tesla Supercharger locations are getting more and more overcrowded. Some Superchargers have a wait for up to one hour to even start juicing.

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