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Tesla’s Biggest Accomplishment Unveiled This Week

Tesla’s biggest accomplishment has been unveiled this week and it is not a Model 3. It is also not a Model X or S. It is actually a… Jaguar IPace! And Rimac Concept Two… and Hyundai Kona EV…. and Porsche Mission E SUV… and VW ID Vizzion, and so many other new electric cars that have been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week. None of these cars would have ever existed if Tesla hasn’t pushed the entire industry into the age of electric cars by creating one of the best cars on the planet.

New electric cars that have been unveiled this week have a decent range and look pretty good. No more crappy range or compliance like looks – it is happening for real now! Many of these manufacturers are announcing their investments into the charging infrastructure to compete with Tesla’s Supercharger as well. This week has been one of the best weeks for the electric car movement and things are looking to only get better!

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