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Tesla’s Parking Lot Summon’s New Version Update

It looks like Tesla’s Enhanced Summon has received a software upgrade.  When asked about the current progress on this project, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that “it finally almost doesn’t suck”.  Is this a vote of confidence for the Tesla Enhanced Summon feature?  If anything, it seems that the general opinion is a little murky.

Tesla Enhanced Summon

Tesla’s Enhanced Summon is a feature which is built on a previous feature known as Advanced Summon, where car owners could move their cars autonomously for a few feet in tight parking situations or in the safety of their driveways.  It is a really neat thing to have since no other automakers have released a feature quite like it.  At the same time, the project is still in its early stages, and it is far from perfect.

The newest version of Enhanced Summon will allow Tesla owners to summon their vehicles from farther away (up to 150 feet), as well as allow them to navigate more complex parking lots.  Future updates are expected to be able to allow the car to read parking lines, at least according to a video review of the latest update on YouTube.

Currently in beta testing with owners in Tesla’s ‘Early Access Program’, the general consensus seems to be that the feature works very well, albeit a bit slow.  Some feel that the car does not move at a high enough speed, while others feel that the movements are a little quirky– making three-point turns where human drivers could manage a smooth 90 degree turn into a parking spot, for example.  These sorts of kinks make Enhanced Summoning somewhat impractical in situations where there is traffic to contend with in the parking lot one is trying to navigate.

Musk himself says that “it finally almost doesn’t suck”.  Whether that is a compliment or a criticism of the feature, we are not entirely sure.

Issues Continue to Crop Up

This new Autopilot feature was set to be released in a widespread manner months ago but keeps running into delays.  Back in April, Musk tweeted that the Enhanced Summon was “Not good enough yet. Pushing release by a few weeks. Will be amazing.”

Then there is the fact that we recently learned that Tesla lost its technical lead for the Enhanced Summon feature.  A software engineer by the name of Nened Uzunovic left Tesla to join GM‘s Cruise self-driving startup, at least according to his LinkedIn profile.  Could his departure in May have had anything to do with some of the delays on the release of Enhanced Summon?  The possibility seems likely. 

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