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Tesla’s Tough Week Continues: Model S Recall Issued

Tesla continues to have a pretty tough week as the company is issuing a voluntary recall of over 123,000 of its electric Model 3 sedans made before April of 2016. The issue is a part made by Bosche supplier that may go bad especially in cold weather regions which disables the power steering feature of the car. That mainly means that in that case a car would be much harder to steer. There are no known incidents of this happening yet so this is more of a cautionary measure on the side of Tesla. The service appointment should take no more than an hour per Tesla’s email to the owners.

This is certainly another bad news that is piling up on top of already tough week for Tesla. Tesla’s stock had hit a one year low based on one of Wall Street investors’ prediction of Tesla’s bankruptcy as well as the fatal crash of a Model X in Mountain View, California which could involve the use of auto pilot. Of course, all of this comes second as Tesla is having issues to ramp up its Model 3 production ahead of the Q1 end.

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