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The New BMW i8 Roadster & Coupe: Are they Now Electric?

As much as I love the way the BMW i8 looks I definitely think that their electric range of 15 miles is disappointing. This week BMW has unveiled its i8 Roadster and a Coupe with a longer range. And even though it has more than doubled to 33 miles on one charge it feels like BMW continues to miss the train and compete in the space of electric cars. One would think they would at least attempt to counter Tesla’s next generation Roadster unveiled only a couple of weeks earlier.

It is amazing that Richard Kim, who designed the beautiful BMW i8, is the same designer who came up with one of the ugliest cars, in my opinion, which is the i3. It is also ironic that today he has quit his current job as a head designer for the Faraday Future, a dying electric car company.

BMW has also mentioned that they will try to transform their MINI brand into all electric fleet ahead of converting their BMW fleet in the near future. It is great news for the MINI brand but it once again shows BMW’s hesitation or inability to electrify their main fleet.

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