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What’s in Tesla V10 Update: YouTube, Caraoke, & More!

Guess what popped up over the weekend?  Yet another Tesla leak, and this one is a big one.  It looks like someone in Tesla’s early access program took some screenshots of the Tesla Autopilot Version 10 release notes (which were supposed to be kept secret) and posted them for the world to see.  Thanks to that, we have gotten the chance to check out some of the new features and improvements that should roll out someday soon.

Tesla Autopilot Version 10

As far as we were aware, Tesla Version 10 would be available to all Tesla owners after a trial with participants in the early access program by the end of August.  Unfortunately that never panned out, leaving us all wondering when the promised update would arrive.

Some of that tension was finally released yesterday when a bunch of screenshots of the release notes was leaked to the public.  While not complete by any means, the information we did get offers some insight into Tesla’s latest features.


First on the list is Tesla Theater, which allows passengers to watch movies and videos when their Tesla is in park and connected to WiFi.  Both Netflix and YouTube apps have been added to the car, and there is also another section of Tesla Theater where one can watch Tesla Tutorials. 

Then there is ‘Caraoke’, a Tesla-provided karaoke experience.  Passengers can pull up their favorite tunes via the Caraoke app on the Media menu in order to sing along.  As long as the car is in park, your Tesla will also display the lyrics.

If you are someone who enjoys a little gaming in your Tesla, then you will be happy to know that Version 10 will also include the release of Cuphead- Tesla Edition.  The classic run-and-gun action game is heavily inspired by 1930s cartoons and heavily focuses on boss battles.  Players can play in single-player or in local co-op.  It is certainly not an easy game to beat, but it will definitely be entertaining for some.  Just make sure that you have a USB game controller for this one.

Updated Driving Experience

The update is not all about fun and games, though.  Tesla’s driving visualization will be updated with this release, allowing for more types of objects and lane lines to be displayed around your vehicle on the in-car map.  Users can also adjust view angles and zoom, with the map returning to the default position after a certain period of inactivity. 

The Automatic Lane Change feature is also on the receiving end of some changes.   The in-car map will now highlight the adjacent lane that your car is planning on shifting into.  The target car destination will be outlined in white, while the adjacent lane is highlighted blue. 

Back in July, a Twitter user suggested to Tesla CEO Elon Musk that there be a destination option to “take the driver on a fun surprise adventure”, and it looks like Musk followed through.  The “Feeling Lucky or Hungry” feature sends you to a nearby attraction or restaurant popular with other Tesla users, depending on which you choose. 

Tesla’s Sentry Mode is also getting an update.  Now video clips will be saved to a separate folder on your USB drive to allow for easier review and management.  They will also be automatically deleted if you run out of space on your drive, or if they use over 5 GB of space. 

Finally there is Joe Mode, another feature suggested by a Tesla user.  A much-needed element for parents, Joe Mode allows drivers to lower the volume of alerts and prompts by half while their Tesla is on the road.  If you are toting around small children or babies, that could make a big impact on your driving experience.

The Takeaway

It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to once the Tesla Autopilot Version 10 update hits.  Some people are a little perturbed that there was no leaked information regarding Tesla’s Smart Summon feature or more requested entertainment options like Spotify or Slacker, but there is no indication that they will not be released, either.  For now, we will have to wait and see when the full release comes out.

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