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What’s Wrong with the Jaguar I-Pace?

So what is going on with the Jaguar I-Pace?  This luxury electric car has been released with much fanfare and managed to come away with the title of World Car of the Year in 2019, but it seems like its inventory numbers are not clearing as fast as they should be.  Are Jaguar I-Pace sales slumping already?  What does that say about the brand?

Jaguar I-Pace Sales Seem Slow

While the Jaguar I-Pace has accounted for about 10 percent of all Jaguar sales worldwide on average, its overall sales numbers are not that impressive.  This leaves some concerned about the viability of long-term demand. 

According to statistics, Jaguar sold 9,077 I-Pace vehicles over the first six months of 2019, only 1,309 of which occurred in the U.S.  That said, apparently dealers have 1,338 collecting dust in their inventory.  The car has only been on the market for the past nine months, meaning that dealers are sitting on about six months’ worth of inventory that should have been moving a lot faster. 

Dealerships at Fault?

Some suggest that the main issue lies with Jaguar dealerships who are either unwilling or unable to sell electric vehicles to the ICE crowd.  Most dealerships make a great deal of money through servicing the cars that they sell, and since electric cars in general require a lot less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts, some dealers flat-out do not want them around.  As a result, they do not carry stock of such vehicles.

On the other hand, a dealership who may have a little interest in selling the cars but has no knowledge or experience in doing so is not going to be able to push those sorts of sales, either.  If customers have a question about an electric car that a salesman cannot answer, how likely are they to drop a huge chunk of money on it?  Likewise, if a salesman cannot properly convey the benefits of driving an electric car over a gas-powered one, a customer might as well stick with the more traditional model. 

Bad Value?

With a price range between $69,500 and $85,000, the cost of the Jaguar I-Pace is comparable to other luxury brands.  But is it really worth all that money?  A lack of perceived value could be behind the slow sales as well.

Compared to its competitors, the I-Pace just is not cutting it in terms of performance and range.  The lack of over-the-air programming also reduces its convenience.  There are also complaints of less storage space and fewer features than the competition.  The I-Pace also lacks autonomous features and does not appear to have any slated for future release, either.  Charging is also an issue: some customers report that charging is slower than expected, plus there is the fact that there is no widespread supercharging network available for its CCS charging connector. 

If a buyer can give $50k to Tesla or another electric car manufacturer and get more for their money, why shouldn’t they?

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