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White Interior Coming to Tesla Model 3?

One of the most anticipated features for the Tesla Model 3 sedan is the ultra-white seats that you can get for the Model S and the Model X. Not only those are beautiful snow white in color but also have a special protective coat on them that can get almost anything spilled or dropped on them to come right off. I know a few people who are holding off on buying their Model 3 until that option is available.

Well, according to, a Model 3 with manufacturer license plates has been spotted in Daly City, California ( about half an hour from the Fremont factory ) sporting those white seats. That usually is a good indication that Tesla is getting closer to releasing that feature. In this case, it also makes sense since it looks like Tesla is trying to roll out only features and options that will make them more money and the ultra-white seats would be around $2,500 extra to collect from a buyer.

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