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Why Tesla’s FSD Upgrade is Perfect as a Referral Program Prize 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is still on Twitter, despite claiming the contrary only a few days ago.  Today, however, a two-word response to another Twitter user has some wondering if a new referral program might be in the works– namely one where Tesla offers the full self-driving package as a referral prize.  

Tesla to Offer Full Self-Driving Package as Referral Prize?

Twitter user Jason Cartwright (@techAU) dropped a tweet to Musk earlier today, asking if it would be possible to offer a full self-driving package unlock if he reached 10 referrals.  Musk did not take long to respond.

While “Will consider” is far from a solid answer, it shows that the tech genius at least gave the idea a little thought.  It would have been all too easy to just ignore the tag, which probably happens often when one has 27 million followers on a social media network. 

Cartwright does have a pretty good point, though.  Ten referrals for Tesla has the possibility of raking in an incredible amount of money for the automaker at the cost of a paltry sum, especially since the full self-driving feature only requires unlocking some software rather than the installation of additional parts.  The full self-driving package currently runs $6,000, whether customers order it before or after the delivery of their vehicle.

Previous Referral Programs

Tesla has not had the best track record in regards to their referral programs.  In fact, the original program which ended back in February most likely ended due to the unexpected cost.  After five referrals, folks could begin earning a 2 percent discount on a $250,000+ Tesla Roadster Founders Series car.  At least 80 ambitious folks managed to rack up so many referrals that they could receive the car for free, which was a huge hit to Tesla’s bottom line.

Since then, the prizes for the referral program have been a bit more modest.  In March of this year, Tesla started up a referral program where folks could earn a chance to win a Founders Series Model Y and a Founders Roadster signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen.  Once someone wins, they are no longer eligible to win again.  So far, Tesla has not announced any winners in this raffle.

Owners can also currently share a referral code with friends, snagging each of them 1,000 miles of free Supercharging when the friend purchases a new Tesla. 

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