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When Will Tesla Launch in India?

It has been puzzling to a lot of people why Tesla and other electric cars have not yet caught on in Indian even though it is one of the largest markets for car sales. The answer is not that simple. It consists of many small issues that together create a bigger challenge. Even though India has the same high tariffs on imports as China, India’s average income is half of what an average Chinese person makes. That matters a lot. Also, there are 7 times more cars sold in China than in India which also makes China a more favorable country to do business with.

India did express their commitment to ban all gas car sales by 2030 but very little was done in reality. The incentives for electric car buyers are very minimal and confusing. On top of that the infrastructure and the laws for distributing electricity make it much harder to create any type of charging network, either at public locations or at private residences. There is also an issue with high speed data coverage which cars like Tesla heavily rely on. There are about 400 more public EV charging stations in China than there are in India.

So, when will things change? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer even though it seems that this would benefit both sides.

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