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Will Tesla Model 3 Meet The Q1 Production Goal?

It looks like Tesla has just registered the record number of VINs for Model 3 sedans and, of course, that created some new speculation about whether or not Tesla will be able to meet its own production rate goal for the Q1. The number of the new VINs registered appears to be just a little over 2,000 in one week so even if Tesla makes a Model 3 for every single one of them that still puts them behind of the 2,500 unit per week goal set to achieve by the end of the month. Tesla registered 1,500 VINs on weekly basis for the first 3 weeks of this month.

VINs is not always the best way to tell how many cars are being made because many times VINs are skipped, but obviously it’s impossible to make more than registered and this is what makes me believe Tesla will not meet their goal for the quarter. If I had to guess the production rate will end up being somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 cars per week which is still very impressive.

So far Tesla has failed to meet its Model 3 production numbers ever since it’s started in July of last year.

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